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Cleaning Schedule Pop Quiz

Posted on September 16, 2012
by admin

By Stephanie Morgan-Modern Parents Messy Kids

Cleaning Schedule Pop Quiz


I recently realized something fairly important in regards to trying to keep our houses clean.  Everybody needs a system and no one system works well for everyone. The first step to finding a system that will work well for you is figuring out what kind of cleaner you are.

There are essentially two camps when it comes to cleaning schedules: those that crave structure and those that need a little more flexibility.  As luck would have it, Modern Family happened to be playing in the background of my little ephiphany and the following Cosmo-esque pop quiz was born.  I realize that most of you already know what your results will be, just humor me here, I’m determined to find a way to make organizing more fun even if it takes calling forth the 14 year old girl in all of us.

So here’s your homework for today: take the following mini quiz and identify your cleaning schedule persona.  For extra credit take a look at the links at the end that correspond to your results.  Ready?  Go.


The Quiz


Question 1: If you woke up this morning and found a “Monday = Laundry Day” type chart stuck on your fridge you would:

a) Cry a little – you’re sure the monotony of it all will slowly crush your soul.

b) Do a happy dance in your kitchen – there’s finally going to be some order around here.

c) Break out the glue sticks and glitter – if that thing’s staying there then it better look cool.


Question 2: Your children’s toys are slowly taking over the entire house.  In a perfect world, you address the problem by:

a) Hitting up your local big box store and returning home with a 25 cube bookshelf, which you fill with several open storage bins.

b) Also buying a 25 cube bookshelf and storage bins but you adorn each bin with a label of what goes inside spelled out in both written words and pictures (for the toddler).  You also spend 45 minutes trying to decide between organizing said bins alphabetically or in order of which toys are played with most from highest to lowest on the bookshelf.

c) Buying a 25 cube bookshelf and using 10 of the cubes for toy storage while turning the rest into a play kitchen/puppet theater with the help of pinterest.


Question 3: Next week summer camp is over and the kids will be home all week, ideally you would:

a) Text your friend to see if she and her brood want to hit up that new indoor trampoline gym, drag the art easel and supplies out of the garage, and make a mental note (which you may or may not actually follow through on) to wash the sheets so they’ll be available for fort making.

b) Scour Pinterest, red tricycle, and local publications to create a detailed list of activities and outings you’ll embark on each day.  Then make a list of needed craft supplies and head to Micheal’s with your member’s-only 50% off coupon in hand.

c) Bee-line for the chalkboard wall in the playroom and create a pretty template for a “Summer Bucket List”.  Then hand the chalk over to the kids to fill in the list while you return to pondering which DIY technique will best freshen up those tired living room curtains – ombre or chevron?

That’s it!  I could go on but I’d just be amusing myself and I think you get the drift.  Check out your results and some helpful resources below.

The Results

Tally up your answers (all three of them) and see which letter you chose the most.  If you…


Cleaning Schedule Pop Quiz

Answered mostly A: Howdy Phil.  Good hearted guy that you are, you want only the best for your family and you’re willing to put in some hard work to get it for them (and there’s no doubt Phil works hard for his family, have you seen the house he has working as a real estate agent in this market?)  You consider yourself too much fun to be tied down by rigid rules and schedules, “I’m the cool dad.  That’s my thang.”  But your well-meaning exuberance could use a little direction.

You need specific objectives you can enthusiastically attack but also require some flexibility to accomplish your goals in your own special time and way.

You Should Read: IHeart Organizing


Cleaning Schedule Pop Quiz

Answered mostly B: Nice to see you Claire.  At first glance it might not be obvious due to the rowdy kids bent on destroying your house, but deep down you are an organizational ninja just waiting to be unleashed.  Give you a detailed, step-by-step, family manual and you’re sure to have your clan whipped into shape in no time.

You need an exquisitely detailed and color-coated schedule to proudly hang on the wall and faithfully adhere to.

Have a look at:  Just Mommies Home Organization Plan


Cleaning Schedule Pop Quiz


Answered mostly C: HELLLO, Cam!  This whole schedule thingy will lead to a more fabulous home right?  Then you’re totally in.  If you’re gonna stick to a schedule it’s gotta be a few things: fun to make, fun to use, and fun to look at.

Have a look at: DIY Paint Chip Cleaning Schedule (Part of Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life)


Stephanie Morgan - Modern Parents Messy Kids
Modern Parents Messy Kids logoStephanie Morgan
Stephanie Morgan is mom to a 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter and the founder of Modern Parents Messy Kids (MPMK for short).
MPMK provides parents with products, information, activities and
design to engage their kids, organize their life, and add a little
style to their homes. Stop by for daily bits of inspiration as well as a large collection of activities in The Make & Play Vault and reading resources
in The Book Nook.







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